13 Sep 2017

Untitled Nude

Digital art by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved) 20″ X 30″ at full print resolution. Related posts: La Virgulino Obskurita per Aĝo Constance, Weeping Softly Who Art Thou to Teach and He to Learn? From Whom is the Shower of the Life of Earth We All Have Laid Aside Disguise but You Propaganda Due (Plate XII) Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate IX) Bauta Series Out-Take

06 Sep 2017

Mr. Llull’s Phosphenetic Journey

“Mr. Llull’s Phosphenetic Journey” Digital manip. of original acrylic on canvas work by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved) Digital Art / New Media – 30″ X 45″ @ full print resolution Related posts: Of Well Seeming Forms Zoffany Conquers the Philistine Nine Days Unburied Below the Sycamore of Al-Matariyyah Affected Weeping Thou Art Weighed in the Balances Oh, Thou Who Burn’st in Heart for Those Who Burn Tanzbar

30 Aug 2017
Post work experiment on La Doncella out-take image

More Revisiting & Experimentation on Old, Unused Shots

More post-work experimenting with some old, unused out-take shots. This time from the La Doncella series. Photography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVI (All rights reserved) Related posts: La Doncella (Plate VI) La Doncella – Out-take III Propaganda Due (Plate VIII) Propaganda Due (Plate XI) Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate VII) La Doncella – Out-Take I La Doncella Out-Take II Propaganda Due – Out-Take

23 Aug 2017

Ex Progressio Illuminatus – Out-Take

Having some fun with a little post-work experimentation on an unused out-take image from the “Ex Progressio Illuminatus” series. Photography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved) Related posts: Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate VII) Ex Progressio Illuminatus – Out-Take Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate X) Ex Progressio Illuminatus – Plate IV Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate V) Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate VI) Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate IX) Propaganda Due (Plate XI)

16 Aug 2017

Revisiting Some Old Shots

Having a little fun revisiting some old, unpublished shots and experimenting a little bit with some post-processing techniques. I don’t know… I think it has a certain attractive ‘character’ to it. The model is the very beautiful and very talented Shelby Del Franko. Twitter: @shelbydelfranko Image: ©MMXV Derek R. Audette (All rights reserved) Related posts: Beautiful Blonde Woman Black and White Portrait Post-Work Experimentation Woman Holding Bullwhip (II) (2011) Woman with Whip (2011) Daphne – III Woman with Whip and […]