12 Jul 2017

Propaganda Due Out-Take

Out-take image from the Propaganda Due series. Photography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXV (All rights reserved) Related posts: Propaganda Due – Out-Take Propaganda Due (Plate VIII) Propaganda Due (Plate XI) Propaganda Due (Plate VI) Ex Progressio Illuminatus – Out-Take Propaganda Due (Plate IX) Propaganda Due (Plate X) Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate VII)

05 Jul 2017
"La Doncella" Out-take VI - Thumbnail

Out-Take VII From the “La Doncella” Series

Out-take image from the “La Doncella” photographic series. Photography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXV (All rights reserved) Related posts: La Doncella – Out-take VI La Doncella (Plate I) La Doncella (Plate II) La Doncella (Plate III) La Doncella (Plate V) La Doncella (Plate VIII) Bauta Series Out-Take La Doncella (Plate IX)

28 Jun 2017
What the inside of my bathroom looks like - video tour.

I Thought You Might Like to See My Weird Bathroom

So, I thought that maybe, perhaps, you might be interested in a quick peek inside one of the bathrooms in my house? And, yes! It’s true! Dali watches me do my business! Behold: I just might be the only living artist who gets to stare into the faces of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and William S. Burroughs every time he takes a dump! And, that counts for something… I’m pretty sure?!? Doesn’t it? Someday the entire interior will be complete, […]

21 Jun 2017
Derek R. Audette

Am I not a Pretty, Pretty Man?

I have no new artwork to post this week. So, I thought I’d post a picture of myself that was taken recently. Aren’t I a pretty man? (…and, by “pretty man”, I actually mean “giant, shaggy ogre”.) Related posts: Self Portrait – I Drew Nelson with Small Dog Portrait Drew Nelson with Stratocaster Black and White Portrait Portrait of Man Wearing Glasses Photography by Derek R. Audette – 17/12/2013 Drew Nelson with Small Dog and Dobro Guitar Ex Progressio Illuminatus […]

14 Jun 2017
"Only He Who Can Measure The Earth" title image.

Only He Who Can Measure The Earth

“Only He Who Can Measure The Earth” Abstract digital art by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved) 45″ X 30″ @ full print resolution. 1:1 close-up detail: Related posts: Below the Sycamore of Al-Matariyyah Affected Weeping N145-4 No. 136 – (Mary Anderson) Thou Art Weighed in the Balances Zoffany Conquers the Philistine The Coat of Saint Michael of Belmonte Constance, Weeping Softly We All Have Laid Aside Disguise but You