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16 Aug 2017

Revisiting Some Old Shots

Having a little fun revisiting some old, unpublished shots and experimenting a little bit with some post-processing techniques. I don’t know… I think it has a certain attractive ‘character’ to it. The model is the very beautiful and very talented Shelby Del Franko. Twitter: @shelbydelfranko Image: ©MMXV Derek R. Audette (All rights reserved)

02 Aug 2017
Photography by Derek R. Audette - Lingerie / Boudoir

Post-Work Experimentation

Photography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved)   Here’s me revisiting some old, unused and never before seen shots with some post-processing experimentation. I do this from time to time. On a photo-shoot, I might shoot upwards of 200 images in total. Perhaps half a dozen — perhaps less — end up being truly “A+” material. And, those are the ones from the shoot that get processed and published. I’ve heard this referred to before as “The dirty […]

21 Jun 2017
Derek R. Audette

Am I not a Pretty, Pretty Man?

I have no new artwork to post this week. So, I thought I’d post a picture of myself that was taken recently. Aren’t I a pretty man? (…and, by “pretty man”, I actually mean “giant, shaggy ogre”.)

15 Feb 2017
La Doncella - Out Take V" - Artistic photography by Derek R. Audette

La Doncella Out-take V

Out-take from the “La Doncella” series. Fine Art Photography by Derek R. Audette, ©MMXV (All rights reserved)

21 Dec 2016

Self Portrait – I

Self Portrait, 2015 – ©MMXV Derek R. Audette (All rights reserved)