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Derek R. Audette

Twelve feet tall, porous surface, special toe-nail. A crazy frikken' long-hair with a camera and a dream of one day striking it rich in the box of money stumbling-upon business. Audette used to be something of a looker (or so it has been whispered in certain circles). Now, however, he has become slow and grotesquely misshapen. But, he can still whip up one hell of a bitchin' Alfredo sauce, given the ready availability of the right ingredients, of course— so, he's got that going for him. Although he's given to frequent episodes of intense accubation, he is nonetheless recognized as an exceptionally skilled adoxographist. He also has this crazy idea that certain people should remove their clothing and stand where, and how, he tells them, while he points an electronic gizmo at them (or, maybe it's a doo-hickey?) which makes clicking noises when he manipulates its buttons, switches and levers.

Along with all of this what-have-you and gasconade, Audette is also a Canadian visual artist, musician and writer. And, over the past 20 years or so, his work in each of these fields has received a modest, but respectable, amount of critical acclaim— a fact which surprises him more than anyone, really. He has authored two books of poetry— one of which currently resides in the Harris Collection of Contemporary Poetry at Brown University— has performed and displayed his works internationally, and his musical compositions appear in literally thousands of movie, video, broadcast and video game productions. More information regarding Derek R. Audette and his work may be found on his official website (which is not the website you're currently on, oddly enough). He resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Audette-Art is an internet showcase for his latest works in the visual arts realm and is regularly sporadically updated as new works are completed.

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Derek R. Audette

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