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28 Sep 2016
14 Sep 2016
Original art abstract art modern art designer shoes

Cool Art Shoes!

Custom designer art shoes featuring a print of an original abstract artwork by Derek R. Audette. Available for purchase through Zazzle.Com. Manufactured by ZIPZ® Shoes — with interchangeable top cover, so you can change the custom design of your shoes on the go! They feature ultra-durable canvas tops and heavy rubber soles with extra cushioned insoles and specially designed arch-support system for maximum comfort. Get yours today and start walking around in some art! 😉

22 Sep 2015
Frustration! My Paul Buff 64" PLM umbrella is broken!

My Paul Buff PLM Umbrella is Broken!

Frustration! The factory warranty on my Paul C. Buff 64″ soft-silver umbrella ran out exactly 52 days ago — less than two full months ago. Last night my PLM completely disintegrated. The (what looks to me to be a rather flimsy, thin and fragile) wire ring, which the umbrella ribs attach to at the top point of the umbrella, snapped upon opening it. The umbrella is no longer usable. It’s entirely FUBAR. What’s really frustrating is that it was hardly […]

15 Sep 2015
Flakey models by the spoonful

The Worst String of Bad Luck I’ve Ever Had With Models Flaking

I’m currently going through what is, by far, the worst string of bad luck that I’ve ever had with models flaking on me. It’s nuts! N-V-T-S – NUTS! I hope it breaks soon! Man! I’m about ready to just give up. I really am. So, let me tell you the story, Man: This past June I get a message from a model whom I’ve never worked with before — right out of the blue (it happens quite a bit). She […]