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28 Jun 2017
What the inside of my bathroom looks like - video tour.

I Thought You Might Like to See My Weird Bathroom

So, I thought that maybe, perhaps, you might be interested in a quick peek inside one of the bathrooms in my house? And, yes! It’s true! Dali watches me do my business! Behold: I just might be the only living artist who gets to stare into the faces of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and William S. Burroughs every time he takes a dump! And, that counts for something… I’m pretty sure?!? Doesn’t it? Someday the entire interior will be complete, […]

11 Jan 2017
I Got the Same Old Blues (J.J. Cale cover)

I Got the Same Old Blues – A Musical Experiment

Just for the sake of whatever interest there may be… This is an old experiment I did about five years ago — the purpose of which was to judge the viability of recording and producing an album ‘on the cheap’ in my own poorly equipped home-studio, all by my little lonesome. I put together this cover of a J.J. Cale tune (Although, my version is really a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s cover of J.J. Cale) with me playing all of […]

23 Nov 2016
"Valentine" - Drew Nelson Music Video (Still capture)

Valentine – Drew Nelson Music Video.

So, here it is: My first ever attempt at producing and directing a music video. I had almost exactly zero experience with any sort of video production prior to this project. Yet, I acted as casting director, costume designer, concept creator, set design, art director, producer, director, editor… you pretty much name it. It was also shot on a shoe-string budget… and, when I say shoe-string, I really mean shoe-string! The entire project took about two months to complete, and […]