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I am currently seeking models in the Ottawa, Ontario area to pose for various artistic photographic projects. Most of my work is of the high-art/fine-art and conceptual genres of artistic photography. However, I do, from time to time, seek models for other, more traditional, types of photography as well -- such as stock photography work, commercial, fashion, etc.

Since most of my work is of an artistic nature, I have extensive experience working with first-time, inexperienced models as well as the most seasoned of pros. So, experience is preferred, but nowhere near essential. Thus, if you've never modeled before, or have very little experience modeling, please do not let that deter you from contacting me. In many instances, with just a little direction from me, the more natural and untrained poses and looks that an inexperienced model is more likely to adopt actually lends itself better to my style of photography. So, even if you're not experienced at all, but think modeling might be something you'd like to try, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you think you might be interested in working with me, then there's a few things of which you should be aware:

(1) I will require you to sign a model release at the time of the photo-shoot. I will also require you to have a piece of photo I.D. and I will photograph you holding your photo I.D. before the shoot begins. The photo I.D. serves only to validate that you are who you say you are, and that you're of legal age to contract in your own name, so that the model release will be known to be valid. The photo of you holding your ID will be filed in my office in a secure filing cabinet and never published. This will only be required if its our first time working together. I will not require photo-ID on any subsequent shoots, should they occur.

(2) To be honest, I prefer that models do not bring a chaperon / escort with them to a shoot (it's just one more thing for me to worry about) However, I understand the reality of the modern world, so if you require a chaperon in order to feel comfortable I understand completely and will allow a chaperon to accompany you. I do ask, though, that you make sure that your chaperon remains unobtrusive during the photo-shoot. They're welcome to watch the shoot take place. But, while it is taking place, they should remain quiet and not interrupt, nor pose any distractions.

(3) Most of the work I do with models with whom I've never worked before is done on a time-for-pictures (TFP) basis. I do sometimes pay models for certain work, but I tend to book paid work well in advance and most often only with models that I've already worked with before in the past. For this reason, if you're only looking for paid modeling work at this time you should be forewarned that the odds aren't good that I'll have anything available for you when you contact me. I don't want that to dissuade from contacting me, however, as there are times that I do have paid work coming up for which I am seeking out new faces to work with.

(4) I get a fair number of inquires and am almost always in a state of overwhelming busyness. For this reason I can not guarantee a response to your inquiry. I really do try my best to answer each and every inquiry I get, though. And, the odds are very, very good that you will receive one. Unfortunately, however, I just can't guarantee it.

(5) As you should be able to tell from the images on this website, I use nudity fairly extensively in my artistic work and I'm constantly seeking new models to pose for such projects. So, if you're willing to pose nude please let me know that in your message to me. If you are it will greatly increase the chances of me having something available for you very quickly. If nudes aren't your thing, that's perfectly fine. Please, still contact me. I also shoot plenty of non-nudes as well -- it's just that the bulk of my work these days is of the high-art/fine-art nude genre, and so the odds we can work together on a project very soon will be much greater.

A heads up: If you are interested in working on a piece which involves nudity, be forewarned that I may, depending on the particular project I'm currently casting for, ask you to send me an image of yourself in the nude before we book a shoot together. I'm not a 'creep' looking to get people to 'send nudes' over the internet. I work with nude models, in the flesh, all the time -- So, trust me: I'm not at all excited by your nude photos -- you ain't got nothing that I haven't been standing a few feet in front of, pointing a camera at for hours on end, many, many times. The fact of the matter is, this is a visual medium and I put a lot of time and a lot of effort into developing my projects. Since you will be posing nude for the shoot, should we work together, of course I must be able to get a visual indication of how you will look in the final photos. I hope you understand that I can't risk going to all the trouble, effort and expense of developing the shoot, getting to the shoot date, and only discovering then, five minutes before we start shooting, that there's something about your unclothed appearance that makes you not right for the shoot.

Any such photo you might send will not be published in any way, and it will be destroyed/erased upon making the final booking decision. It will only ever be viewed by myself, and possibly one assistant of mine. The model release you sign at the time of the shoot will specify the exact date for the images it covers. So, any image not taken/acquired on the very day of the shoot is not legally covered by the release. I would not be legally protected should any such image you send end up published in some way, and I would be fully open to legal liability should that happen -- which means, I'll make sure it won't happen.

If you've done nude work before and the images have been published somewhere on the Internet, then simply directing me to a link where I can view those images will do perfectly fine. Or, if you're not comfortable in sending such photos, we can schedule a test-shoot before committing to any developed project. Test-shoots are not paid, and done only a time-for-pictures basis. I will send you digital copies of all finalized images from the test shoot to use as you please.

(6) Please include at least one photo of yourself when submitting the contact form to the right. Photography is a visual medium and, as such, I can't use you for a shoot unless I know what you look like.  If you do not include at least one photo, then I'll need to respond to your inquiry and ask you to send me one before we can arrange any sort of a shoot. Obviously, this is just a waste of time for both of us when you could have just included one in your initial inquiry. For this reason, I usually will not respond to any initial inquiry I receive which does not include at least one photo. Ideally, it would be most helpful to me for you to include at least one reasonably clear face-shot with makeup (if you're female), one without makeup, and one full-length body shot. But, if that's not possible, then at least one reasonably clear photo in which your face is plainly visible is the minimum requirement.

If all of that sounds agreeable to you, then please fill-out and submit the contact form to the right of the screen to let me know of your interest.

If you're curious about me, personally, I keep my personal Facebook page public, which is viewable by clicking here. (Feel free to follow or friend me) I also have a ModelMayhem profile here, where you can see some of the models I've worked with in the past.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the above, and for your consideration. I hope we can work together soon!

Kindest regards,
Derek R. Audette

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