I Got the Same Old Blues – A Musical Experiment

I Got the Same Old Blues (J.J. Cale cover)

Just for the sake of whatever interest there may be…

This is an old experiment I did about five years ago — the purpose of which was to judge the viability of recording and producing an album ‘on the cheap’ in my own poorly equipped home-studio, all by my little lonesome. I put together this cover of a J.J. Cale tune (Although, my version is really a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s cover of J.J. Cale) with me playing all of the instruments and providing the vocals. I’m not much of a singer, nor drummer, nor keyboard player, nor bass player — by any stretch of the imagination…. I don’t completely suck at guitar (my main instrument), I believe. Nonetheless, all of the instruments you hear on this track were played by me. The track was also recorded, mixed & mastered by me.

I’m not proud of it — actually, I’m more than just a little embarrassed by it — I think it sounds terrible and incompetently played and produced. My timing on practically all of the instruments is horrendously sloppy… the whole thing is horrendously sloppy. And, as such, the thought of actually attempting to record a releasable album in this manner was immediately scrapped due to how this test-attempt turned out. But, what the hell! I figured I’d put it up here anyway for interest’s sake. I learned a long time ago that if I were to only ever make public any of my work that I’m truly not embarrassed by, I’d never actually release anything. So, I taught myself to bite the bullet and just put stuff out there — no matter how much it may make me cringe — and to let people decide for themselves whether they like it or not.  If people think it’s terrible, then oh well; big deal. It won’t kill me if they do. And, the truth is, really, that no matter how spectacular any work of art is, there’s going to be people who loathe it and thinks it’s terrible. And, no matter how seemingly awful and devoid of any redeemable quality any artistic work might be, there’s bound to be at least a few people who find something worthwhile and enjoyable in it. So, why not let people judge for themselves? And, why deprive those, perhaps, one or two people who might find some worth in it? And, of course, there’s always “The artist’s curse” to consider: An artist tends to see shortcomings in his or her work that aren’t really noticeable to others. So, who knows? Maybe it doesn’t completely suck. Who am I to judge? I know well from experience that I am far and away my own worst critic.

So, here you go: My rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s rendition of J.J. Cale’s “Same Old Blues”. Guitars, vocals, drums, keyboards, bass: Me. Engineered, mixed and mastered by me. Recorded in my shitty little home-studio in 2012.

I invite you to share any sincere thoughts you might have in the comments section below.


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