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19 Apr 2013

Floral Arrangement

©MMXII – Derek R. Audette (All rights reserved) This image was actually the best result in a series of tests and experiments I conducted wherein I was attempting to accurately recreate, or at least simulate, a certain sort of Baglione-esque chiaroscuro lighting style and tone. Ultimately, I failed — falling far short of what I was envisioning. This image was the closest I came to achieving what I was trying for. Not so impressive, I know. But, perhaps, interesting.

01 Feb 2013
"Ex Progresssio Illuminatus" (Plate X) by Derek R. Audette Photography

Ex Progressio Illuminatus (Plate X)

“Ex Progressio Illuminatus” (Plate X) Photography by Derek R. Audette – ©MMXI (All rights reserved)