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22 Jul 2017
Fine Art Photography- Myth or Reality

Fine Art Photography – Myth or Reality

We often hear people calling themselves fine art photography maestros, but are they actually what they claim to be? Over the years the digital photography has taken new turns and achieved milestones that seemed unattainable. Anyone can take a great picture with a camera, however, how do they convert their photography into art.  People say that there is a fine line between photography and art, although we believe that these very photographs can be converted into pieces of fine arts […]

22 Mar 2017
Sylvia Shichman

The Internet Needs More Sylvia Shichman

I know practically nothing about the woman, but I’m intrigued. The internet seems to contain precious little information about her. I know that she passed away on February 22nd of 2002, at the age of 70, of a stroke. I know she collected old greeting cards, eyeglasses and cell phones, which she would then pass on to the Hollywood Lions’ Club — who would, in turn, use them in some way to generate funds for charity. I know she was […]

11 Jan 2017
I Got the Same Old Blues (J.J. Cale cover)

I Got the Same Old Blues – A Musical Experiment

Just for the sake of whatever interest there may be… This is an old experiment I did about five years ago — the purpose of which was to judge the viability of recording and producing an album ‘on the cheap’ in my own poorly equipped home-studio, all by my little lonesome. I put together this cover of a J.J. Cale tune (Although, my version is really a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s cover of J.J. Cale) with me playing all of […]

23 Nov 2016
"Valentine" - Drew Nelson Music Video (Still capture)

Valentine – Drew Nelson Music Video.

So, here it is: My first ever attempt at producing and directing a music video. I had almost exactly zero experience with any sort of video production prior to this project. Yet, I acted as casting director, costume designer, concept creator, set design, art director, producer, director, editor… you pretty much name it. It was also shot on a shoe-string budget… and, when I say shoe-string, I really mean shoe-string! The entire project took about two months to complete, and […]

05 Oct 2016
Artistic free Derek R. Audette desktop wallpaper

Audette-Art Free Desktop Wallpaper

Free downloadable desktop wallpapers in a variety of screen resolution sizes, featuring photographic artwork from the series “Propaganda Due” by Derek R. Audette. 1920 X 1080: 1680 X 1050: 1366 X 768: 1280 X 800: 1280 X 728: