Post-Work Experimentation

Photography by Derek R. Audette - Boudior / LingeriePhotography by Derek R. Audette ©MMXVII (All rights reserved)


Here’s me revisiting some old, unused and never before seen shots with some post-processing experimentation. I do this from time to time. On a photo-shoot, I might shoot upwards of 200 images in total. Perhaps half a dozen — perhaps less — end up being truly “A+” material. And, those are the ones from the shoot that get processed and published. I’ve heard this referred to before as “The dirty secret of professional photography”. The thing is, not all of the 194 other images are throw-away garbage. Another 20, beyond the 6 “A” shots, might be pretty decent. Years after a shoot, I might go back and, with a fresh set of eyes, look through what hasn’t been published and try to pick out the “B+” stuff. I’ll mess around with them, experimenting with post-processing techniques, trying to discover/develop/learn things I like which I might then incorporate on “A” material obtained on future shoots. The above image is one such example. It’s from a shoot I did in the Summer of 2013.


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